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My name is Laura and I am mum to two beautiful little boys.  My youngest son Harry has a neurodegenerative life limiting condition.

Since Harrys diagnosis Harry has had some wonderful treats, Make a wish, sensory toys and many more. A lot of our attention is given to Harry with him being so poorly and often I have sat and thought about how our other son Joshua misses out on activities when Harry is too sick to do things.  Although he has never complained I often think of the emotional impact this must have on him.

Joshua has also had to learn some pretty grown up things for a 10 year old.  He knows what to do in an emergency when Harry is in constant seizure including administering emergency medication and calling ambulances, also how to feed Harry and give meds via a peg.  He is a whizz with a sats machine and especially like to play games with harry by going for a jog and seeing how high his heart rate goes.

In September 2016 I had a thought that I, with the help of some amazing members of the public can change this, if we can carry out small acts of kindness we can show the siblings how amazing they are and that they really are appreciated.

Sponsor A Sibling

Sponsor a sibling was founded on the 24th September 2016. Our aim is to make siblings of life limited or life threatened children smile and bring comfort to bereaved siblings.

To date we have supplied numerous siblings with a selection of gift bundles, some of which include a movie night pack with a dvd player and popcorn maker, a chill out pack with bean bag, onesie and hot water bottle and lots of other exciting things.

We have also delivered some special keepsake teddy bear packs for bereaved siblings.  At the minute these include a bear for every sibling in the family including the chid that has passed away, a photo frame to decorate and a name a star gift. We have also recently purchased some small urns to include if there is a wish for them which was suggested by a family.

Many of the gifts that have been supplied for the siblings have been purchased by members of the public via our wish list on amazon.  In three months, we have had nearly 150 gifts purchased.

We have a go fund me page set up and the money raised from this has been used to top up sibling’s gifts where needed and fund the bulk of the bereaved sibling packs.

We have managed to achieve so much in the past few months and we hope to be able to supply many more siblings in the future.

100% of funds raised goes towards the benefit of the siblings as we are run purely by volunteers.  We try to minimise our costs wherever possible and have some amazing support – A huge help has been a company called ARGO MAIL in Colchester who have very kindly agreed to send all our parcels free of charge.  You can imagine the benefit this has been to us and saved a major expense.

We are currently a not for profit organisation but are hoping in the future we will be able to register as a charity to enable us to fulfil our potential.

We help siblings nationwide and we have a nomination process to put a sibling forward.

If you feel you can help or know a sibling you would like to nominate please let us know.

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